Cycling tours with low environmental impact

BikEmotion has fully embraced the philosophy of environmental sustainability, transforming it into a solid commitment through a variety of actions and initiatives.

With our itineraries you can discover amazing places off the beaten tourist track, real hidden gems steeped in local history, natural and regional culture. We want to protect these areas so our offers are designed for small groups and our tours completely respect the environment.

If you live in Como, Milan, Varese or anywhere else in Lombardy, our bike and walking itineraries are a great way to enjoy a staycation. You can visit wonderful places just a few miles from home and explore them by bike or on foot with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

We often collect the litter we find in the countryside while out on our tours and then dispose of it in the recycling bins provided. It seem like a small gesture, but we think it can make a real difference.

In addition to bike rides and hikes, we have also offered our services to help maintain tracks and trails in collaboration with park authorities and local councils.