Venini by e-MTB

Venini by e-MTB

There are few places that know how to give you the same emotion, whether it’s the first visit or a welcome return. The Venini Refuge, Monte Galbiga and Monte Crocione are among them.
From the 1,698 meters of the Galbiga and from the 1,640 meters of the Crocione, the view sweeps 360 ° and on clear days the panorama is truly unique and priceless: Lake Como and the Triangolo Lariano, the Como-Lecco Pre-Alps (Bregagno, Generoso, Legnone , Grigne and Grignetta, Resegone), the Ceresio or Lake Lugano, the mountains of the Alpine chain.
The cost includes the rental of the E-MTB and accompaniment with a GUIDE from the National MTB Academy.

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    The splendid Intelvi Valley – The Venini Refuge and the Galbiga and Crocione Mountains

    The final destination of our tour is always the Venini Refuge (1,576 meters). The starting point varies according to our preparation.

    We can go up from Argegno directly by e-bike or decide to go up with our e-bike using the Argegno-Pigra cable car. The cable car allows you to reach Pigra in 4 minutes, overcoming a difference in height of 648 meters, and arrive at one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces in the Comasche Prealps. Two 12-seater cabins alternate along a path that has gradients from 71% to 95% making it, therefore, the steepest cable car in Italy.

    From Monte Crocione it is possible to see Bellagio and the Comacina Island and you have a wonderful view over the two branches of Lake Como. It is also a historical place that once witnessed a complex defensive system dating back to the First World War which is part of the Cadorna line.

    We can further shorten our tour starting from San Fedele or Alpe Tellero, to make it really possible for everyone to enjoy unique views in the world.

    Ready to ride with us?

    This guided tour by e-MTB (electric mountain bike) offers three itineraries of varying lengths: the first is a three-hour ride, the second 4,5 hours, and the third six hours. The level of technical difficulty and physical effort required also varies according to your chosen itinerary, which you can check below. The following summary illustrates the level of technical difficulty and physical effort that apply to each option.

    e-MTB: 3-hour route

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (rated from 1 to 5):

    PHYSICAL RATING (rated from 1 to 5): ♥♥

    STS (Single Trail Scale): S0

    e-MTB: 4,5-hour route

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (rated from 1 to 5):

    PHYSICAL RATING (rated from 1 to 5): ♥ ♥ ♥

    STS (Single Trail Scale): S0

    e-MTB: 6-hour route

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (rated from 1 to 5): ▼▼

    PHYSICAL RATING (rated from 1 to 5): ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    STS (Single Trail Scale): S2

    The Single Trail Scale (STS) is an international trail grading system: to find out more you can download the description of all the STS levels.

    Our guides are on hand to give you all the information and tools you needs to tackle the itineraries. The price of the tour includes e-MTB hire. If you would prefer to use a conventional MTB or bring your own bike, please email us at

    Discounts are available for large groups: please contact us to find out more about pricing.

    Should you wish to do part of the route with the funicular and therefore also climb up the lighthouse and visit the Nautical Museum, these activities are priced separately. Let us know if you are interested in these options when you contact us so we can include them in your tour.

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