Spina Verde (Como) – along the trenches

Spina Verde (Como) – along the trenches

A tour of discovery along the Cadorna Line trenches in the Spina Verde Regional Park.
Plenty of opportunities to stop at the many uniquely panoramic vantage points and enjoy commanding views over the lake, Como and the entire Brianza area.

The price includes the services of a professional GUIDE.

The excursion is programmable on request.

For info and bookings: marco@bikemotion.net, 338-9757397 (also on WhatsApp)

Get in touch for a custom request!

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    Following the World War I trenches through Spina Verde

    A significant part of the Spina Verde Regional Park runs along the Swiss border and here we find many well-preserved remains of the Cadorna Line that was built during World War I to defend against possible invasions from Switzerland, which never happened.

    The route we’ll take you on follows the trails crossing the trenches, caves and tunnels so you can learn more about these structures and their fascinating history.

    The itinerary naturally includes plenty of opportunities to stop at the many uniquely panoramic vantage points and enjoy commanding views over the lake, Como and the entire Brianza area – you can even see Milan and its skyscrapers on a clear day.

    Ready to walk with us?

    EXPECTED DURATION: 5 hours – Departure: 9:00 – Finish: 14:30 approx.

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (rated from 1 to 5): ▼▼

    PHYSICAL RATING (rated from 1 to 5):

    ROUTE LENGTH: 8 km


    FROM: Cavallasca

    TO: the route is a loop so it finishes at our point of departure

    WHAT TO PACK: Hiking gear – we recommend hiking boots, a backpack, seasonally-appropriate clothing, telescopic trekking poles, water and food. Please don’t forget your mask and disinfectant.
    The route is easy enough and without any particular technical difficulties, but we still ask that you are fit before attempting this hike.
    The route may need to be changed based on the environmental conditions to ensure the safety of the entire group.


    Having graduated with a degree in natural sciences and qualified as an interpretive nature guide, I now work on conserving and monitoring wildlife.
    My specialism is ornithology, but I am interested in everything from dragonflies to fish so am more than happy to explore other fields of zoology. I am also involved in raising environmental awareness and citizen-science events.
    Whether it is up a mountain or under water, I never miss a chance to explore our natural environments: preferably in company and with a pair of binoculars or a camera close to hand.

    With regard to the possible risks created by the spread of COVID‐19 and in compliance with the relevant laws, BikEmotion adopts all measures necessary to combat and contain the spread of the new virus, and regulates all the safety measures that need to be taken.