Croce dell’Uomo (Cernobbio) – Hiking

Croce dell’Uomo (Cernobbio) – Hiking

Walking up the hill from Piazza Santo Stefano, above Cernobbio, takes us to Croce dell’Uomo, a wonderful vantage point with panoramic views over Como and Lake Como. From there, we traverse an enchanted wood dotted with wooden sculptures and walk a loop that passes through the ancient villages of Piazzola, Pievenello and Duello, where another “balcony” opens up at 800 m above sea level with incomparable views over Lake Como.

The price includes the services of a professional GUIDE.

The excursion is programmable on request.

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    An enchanted wood and breathtaking views over Cernobbio: Croce dell’Uomo.

    Would you ever had guessed that just a few miles from Como are an enchanted wood and breathtaking vantage point with panoramic views over the city and Lake Como? Yes, it’s Croce dell’Uomo… “… an old local story recounts how on the last day of August, in a year sometime towards the end of the seventeenth century, a violent thunderstorm suddenly blew up from nowhere and a farmer from Piazza Santo Stefano (which is now Cernobbio) came racing down the mountainside dragging a bundle of wood while the storm continued to rage. As he reached the summit of the mountain overlooking the village, the poor man was struck by lightning and died.

    After a long, agonising search, his relatives finally found his body and planted a simple wooden cross in the spot where he had died to commemorate the tragic event. Since then, whenever the people in the village mentioned that area, they just said, “There… where you’ll find that man’s cross.” And that is how the place known as Croce dell’Uomo got its name, which remains to this day…” (from the notes of Luigi Dotti, who was the mayor of Piazza Santo Stefano in 1924).

    Another excellent reason for visiting Croce dell’Uomo is the intriguingly quirky sculptures crafted by Giò (Giosué) Aramini. Carved from wood or even into the trees, these sculptures make this an exceptionally unique place like no other.

    The loop route takes us through the centuries-old villages of Piazzola, Pievenello and Duello: from there, at 800 m above sea level, unique views are revealed over our lake, Como and the entire Brianza area.

    Ready to walk with us?

    EXPECTED DURATION: 6 hours – Departure: 9:00 – Finish: 15:30 approx.

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (rated from 1 to 5): ▼▼▼

    PHYSICAL RATING (rated from 1 to 5):

    ROUTE LENGTH: 7.5 km


    FROM: Cernobbio – Piazza Santo Stefano

    TO: the route is a loop so it finishes at our point of departure

    WHAT TO PACK: The following hiking gear is a must – hiking boots, a backpack, seasonally-appropriate clothing (including a change of clothes, warm clothing and a packable raincoat in case the weather turns). Trekking poles are recommended. Please don’t forget your mask and disinfectant.
    Packed lunch; plenty of water.
    The route is easy enough and without any particular technical difficulties, but we still ask that you are fit before attempting this hike.
    The route may need to be changed based on the environmental conditions to ensure the safety of the entire group.


    A qualified Mountain Leader recognised by the Lombardy Mountain Guide Association.
    Having grown up in the countryside, the highlands and mountain air soon became my true passion in life. From Spina Verde I broadened my horizons to the Alpine Range and beyond.
    My favourite way to travel is on foot or MTB; wherever I go the mountains are my home and touchstones in life!
    I am also a Nordic walking instructor, an e-bike/MTB guide, and a guide for the Orobie Valtellinesi Park.
    The thing I really love most about my job is seeing that special, wonderful sparkle of joy in people’s eyes when they see the beauty of the world!

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