Marco Servettini

I started out as an IT specialist, but opted for a career change many years ago and become a “social developer” so I could work on social and environmental projects.

Over the years, I’ve gained experience and skills in developing and managing third sector organisations, social cooperatives and associations.

I’m passionate about sustainability, local development, community projects, and participatory planning.

Several years ago I developed a “slight” passion for the mountains, and walking in the countryside has enabled me to improve my health and wellbeing.

And it has also helped me to rediscover the area in which I live on a deeper level: Spina Verde is just behind my house while Lake Como and its banks are a stone’s throw away.
I feel even more fortunate when walking in these places: exploring centuries-old trails immersed in the countryside always accompanied by the scenic panorama guaranteed by the lake.

So, I couldn’t say “no” when Giovanni asked me to organise hiking experiences “in my own backyard”.