Luigi Nalesso

LuigiSocial worker, educator, 44 years old, father (three children). A social worker with proven experience working in facilities for people with disabilities. An educator and facilitator (for groups and/or individuals).

A choirmaster, I have played the piano and guitar since I was six years old. A founder and director of sports clubs. A director and administrator of non-profit organisations. A consultant to healthcare and welfare bodies.

A MySDAM® Sport Data Management sports timekeeper. I am a qualified national mountain bike guide and a qualified mechanic for mountain bikes and racing bikes.
I’ve always loved racing bikes, and got into mountain biking a few years ago: I love sharing this passion with all the people I meet. At BikEmotion, I manage all the road bike routes and handle bike maintenance and mechanics.

My love of any route with climbs is fuelled by two principles that have always inspired me, “don’t avoid climbs, seek them out” and “flat stretches are just there to link one climb to the next”. I’m mad about restoring old bikes, which I do up and sell to anyone who wants them.

My motto is, “The higher you climb, the farther you see. The farther you see, the longer you dream” (Walter Bonatti). I love photos that depict the beauty of landscapes and the hard work needed to reach them.