Giovanni Di Gristina

Giovanni Di GristinaTen years ago my friend Andrea asked me to go on bike ride through the woods. I reckon he could see the whites of my eyes: until then I’d only ever used my bike to go shopping in the village!

I went along and instantly fell in love! I was suddenly crazy about bikes and our area. I started wondering about two years ago if my passion could become something bigger, maybe even a job. Initially it was just me when I set up BikEmotion, but now I can count on an amazing team and lots of friends and enthusiasts who support me.

I love Lake Como, but our great parks can also offer unique panoramic views and adventures as well as unforgeable experiences.

I am a 48-year-old father of three and run a small textile company. I have also been a councillor for Lurate Caccivio town council.

I have completed multiple bike-related courses: mechanics, GPS tracking, first aid, advertising and planning cycling tours, and MTB guide. I’m keen on all sports and have played tennis and gone swimming and running in the past.