Looking for somewhere to stop off for refreshments while out on one of our tours? These are just some of our partners for breakfast, aperitifs, lunch or dinner.


The perfect welcoming place for families and children where you can relax in a peaceful setting and enjoy quality service. We opened Anagramma Bar & Bistrot because we know that work is a fundamental part of a person, their dignity and their character and that through work everyone can discover who they are, what they are capable of and what they find challenging. This ongoing voyage of discovery enables people to grow, create a future and achieve their humanity. This belief inspired us to create a workplace in which each and every person is accepted for who they are, a unique, one-of-a-kind individual who can share their uniqueness with others in a team at work and help to create something whose beauty we couldn’t even have imagined individually. A visit to Anagramma is a must; they welcome you for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs and even private parties… and if you can’t go to them, they come to you with a home delivery service.
Osteria Beuc

Osteria del Beuc is a long-established restaurant in Cernobbio town centre: it combines the characteristic features of a classic Italian 1930s cooperative and art deco with a touch of the 1960s provided by the lighting, bar counter and marble terrazzo flooring. Once over the threshold, you are catapulted back in time to a place with irresistibly unique charm. The cuisine also reinterprets some of the traditional dishes from the Lake Como area and the region with a modern twist while retaining their original appeal. Everything is made with absolute care and attention to the origin of the ingredients and a preference for small artisanal suppliers and fresh seasonal produce.
Birrificio Bidu

After summiting a mountain and completing a breakneck descent, celebrating the experience in the right way is an absolute must. That’s why we are recommending somewhere that really knows how to celebrate special occasions with taste, passion and originality: the Bi-Du brewery. As one of the oldest firms on the Italian brewing scene, without a shadow of a doubt it is among the breweries that have “paved the way” for the best Italian craft beer. It is named after a Sumerian term “Bi-Du”, which refers to the beer produced in ancient Mesopotamia that was used to pay the workers back then. Founded in Rodero (CO) by master brewer Beppe Vento in 2002, the Bi-Du Brewery is a favourite destination for us at BikEmotion for “special” celebrations. They are always uniquely memorable thanks the high standard of quality of Bi-Du beers which have been consistently nominated “Beer of the Year” since 2006: Rodersch, Ley Line, ArtigianAle, Du Bi-Du, Jehol, Confine, and Super Sayan. So, get off your bike and raise a glass (or two)!
Pasticceria Poletti

For over thirty years the delicious fragrance of Pasticceria Poletti’s delicacies has been tantalising everyone in the area around Via Regina 32 in Cernobbio. The fragrance has become Poletti’s trademark… it slowly wafts out of the door to the kitchens where the magic is created and makes you jump out of bed in the morning in a good mood. At Pasticceria Poletti, you can snuggle up on cold winter evenings with a heavenly hot chocolate and selection of pastries in the tearoom or relax in the cool shade of the enchanting courtyard outside on sweltering summer afternoons. Pasticceria Poletti awaits with all its mouthwatering sweet and savoury creations!
Ristorante Hostaria

Ristorante Hostaria is an exclusive venue just down the road from Villa d’Este. This intimate restaurant in the centre of Cernobbio welcomes you with a relaxing atmosphere. The creative authentic cuisine offers an international menu and new interpretations of traditional local dishes. The staff’s warmth and friendliness creates the ideal setting for lunches and dinners dedicated to good taste, hospitality and celebrations: you can easily imagine encountering famous people as they stroll by from Cernobbio to admire beautiful views of our lake.