Andrea Bosi

Andrea BosiI’m a firefighter with the Como Provincial Fire Brigade. I graduated as a building surveyor, and have worked in the technical departments of various city councils.

And I have been riding mountain bikes competitively since the first ones arrived in Italy from America: sturdy bikes with no suspension or shocks and cantilever brakes “pinched” from the world of cyclocross.

I’ve worn various kits over the years: I started out with my local team (GS Castello) before going on to join Bikers Club Ronzoni (a Gary Fisher satellite team in which Paola Pezzo rode who won the gold medal at the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 Olympic Games). I have had the honour of wearing the “Mapei Scapin 3G” jersey.

Above all a bike means health, a carefree attitude and being out in the countryside. I also dabble in running and open water swimming.

At BikEmotion, I mainly work as a guide and on selecting routes to suit the customers’ different levels of experience and fitness.

I am the father of a little girl who I will be taking to cycling school as soon as possible because I reckon bikes are the way to travel in the future.

I’d like to work on creating new bike trails and maintaining the ones we already have.